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Quick Start Manual

  1. To start, please go to and choose ‘create account’ in the right upper corner and please fill all the credentials to create an account.

  2. After you have validated your account by email, please login by filling in your credentials in the right upper corner and select ‘webshops’ in the main menu.

  3. Now you will see an overview of webshop connections in your account. Press the + icon on the right of the screen to create an new webshop. Fill in all the credentials which are asked by following the on screen instructions and press ‘add’ to add the webshop.

  4. Now you have to add the credentials for the feed which you want to use. For that, press the ‘distributors’ in the main menu. Click on the + icon and make sure you fill in all the right credentials by following the onscreen instructions and press ‘add’ to continue.

  5. The following step is to make an connection where you bind the distributor to your webshop. Click on the ‘connections’ in the main menu and also click the + icon to get started. Here you will choose the webshop and the distributor you have created in the steps before. Also you can choose an content provider here, if you want it, please fill in those credentials as well. Click ‘add’ to continue.

  6. The connection that you’ve created must be verified by one of our admins. You will receive an email when this connection is activated. In the meanwhile you can go further by connection the categories, manufacturers and price settings of the website.

  7. For the settings of categories, manufacturers and price settings go to the ‘connections’ from the main menu. You can hover over the icons in the overview to see which icon you need to click on. Please follow the onscreen instructions to make the settings for your webshop.

  8. After this, your connection is probably activated by one of our admins, which will make the first icon ‘sync real-time’ available to click on. Please press this button to import the distributor for the first time. You will see an real-time status of the sync on your screen.

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